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My tank/pond journey.

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I’m not an expert on algae, but it looks like staghorn to me. 
My wife and I have very different approaches to algae control. I try everything I’ve learned. Lower light, cleanup crew, proper fertilizer levels, manual removal and Seachem Excel. It’s been working but there’s a different approach.  My wife cleans the glass by hand, has two Otocinclus and has a lower power light, that’s it. If some algae appears she waits it out and eventually the plants outcompete it. I like her method but I’m too impatient! 

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Soooo, one of my gouramis took a turn and is now back in the hospital tank.  I can't figure out what's wrong.  So I'm treating with the trio less the Ich X. 

Hope it pulls through, but its not looking good.  😞 


As far as the Staghorn went, the Otos cleaned it up!  I'm glad I didnt start going crazy with treatments, though I will admit it was super hard to let it play out. 


If I'm being completely honest, I'm pretty discouraged thus far... Sigh

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