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I’m in the process of setting up a small fish room.  Three ten gallon tanks will be dedicated to raising three different kinds of shrimp (type to be determined but probably neocaridinia).  I would like to include a few fish in each of these tanks.  My choice would be some bettas but I figure they will wipe out the shrimp quickly. My next choices would be some neon or ember tetras but their need for more acidic softer water doesn’t jibe with the shrimp. 
Any suggestions for something small, fun, different and not inclined to eat baby or adult shrimp?

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I think male endlers would not, they are smaller and are too obsessed with either breeding if they can or sparring with each other to do much of anything else (including eating sometimes). 
Im pretty sure my large female endler is picking off baby neocaridina shrimp. But not so much that the shrimp population isn’t growing. 
I think endlers are great to keep with shrimp. If I was starting over I would just do a bunch of colorful males with the shrimp. That would be really nice to look at. 
We like to keep them together as we’ve found that endlers (even the males) can be useful to control planeria if that pops up, if you skip feeding for a few days. 

granted, I haven’t tried smaller tetras/rasboras/danios which also seem like great choices!

 Depending on the size of your tank. Cory also recommends bristlenose plecos with shrimp. I’d definitely like to try that some time. 

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7 minutes ago, BenA said:

Think about small Rainbows like the Thradfin and the Forktail (and there are many more). I have them with Cherry and Amano shrimps.

I second that. I'm biased towards rainbowfish though. They aren't picky at all when it comes to what they eat but they are usually re-enacting west side story flaring at and chasing each other dall day.

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