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White spots/growth on plants and glass... what is this?

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Hi! I have a 20 gallon that has been set up for a year, but I have been converting to a low tech planted tank over the last few months. Still trying to get the lighting and nutrients in balance. I use a Nicrew ClassicLED Plus which I had dimmed because it seemed too bright, but plant growth seemed limited so I increased the intensity to about 75% (from 50%) about 2 weeks ago. The lights are on a timer for 8 hours a day. I use Aquarium Co Op Easy Green weekly and Root Tabs monthly for fertilizer. Over the last two weeks I started noticing some white, almost fluffy growth on some of the plants. Now I am seeing more, what looks like white spots on the filter intake and glass too. Not sure what it is, if I should be concerned or just leave it alone since the tank may be adjusting to higher light intensity? Any thoughts or help would be appreciated! (Tank is stocked with 10 danios, 2 nerite snails)



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