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Hello from up north. Well north of some.

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Hi There

  My name is Scott A.  I live in Ontario Canada.  I have a community tank (40G Breeder), Shrimp tank (5G counter top Wifes) and a shrimp/white cloud tank (10G).  I currently have my Fluval 15 setup as a seperation tank because one of the German rams I purchased turned out to be a male and decided the 40g breeder wasn't big enough for two males.  He's in the 15 with some moscow guppies.

  I live in an area with no LFS (only Petsmart) and no clubs so was hoping to find a community to learn from and contribute.


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I'm just on the other side of Lake Ontario, in NY state.

I'm in the same boat as far as shops or clubs go, none within an hour and a half drive of me.

Luckily it's easy to get so much stuff online here, but I understand you guys don't have as many online resources.


Welcome to the forum!

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1 minute ago, ElectronWranglr said:

Thanks Rikostan.  Yeah we don't have many good online resources.  I have one shop that is also online in Guelph.  2 hours away. Great shipping and customer service.  Thats about the only one I use.


I have friends in St Catherine's and in Waterloo and i used to have to go to Oakville quite often for work, so I've at least been in the Guelph  area a few times.


There is a youtuber in the Guelph area too... I think it's https://www.youtube.com/c/JNAQUARIUM

I am pretty sure they have an online store too, but I don't think that's appropriate to post here.

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