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So here is the situation. The aquarium is 180g. I lowkey made the mistake of putting hornwort in my aquarium and it has taken over! I wasn't aware that it doesn't root like most plants (more on that later)and I put it in some hard to reach places that are not easy to get to without doing some very questionable acrobatics haha

So, I want to remove the the hornwort entirely, it just isn't my forte. There are several types of crypts and anubias scattered about. With most of the hornwort having been uprooted, the light just isnt getting to the bottom anymore. Easy fix-right? I will remove them all, I just want to plant new things in it's stead. Ideally, since I want to plant new stuff where the hornwort was originally, I will need something tall and that will actually root in. Furthermore, It would be nice if it was something that would fill in, with runners or otherwise. The only fish that has any effect on the plants is a single dwarf pleco. is that enough of a reason to avoid swords? I've never tried them before.

Other things to know: CO2 is currently not in use but the system will ideally be in play once I replace the hornwort. The area is lighted by fluval 3.0s and the bottom is at a depth of around 2 feet. I do dose ferts(easygreen) twice a week. I have a rather large Pothos and a small Taro that are quite hungry.


Any suggestions are quite welcome. My LFS is hit or miss on selection of plants and I dont know them well enough to really understand what I am looking at most of the time. TYVM!

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Its tough to answer this given we do not know what kind of plants your lfs stocks but in general most stem plants (ludwigias, rotalas, hygrophilas, etc) will grow as tall as you let them. Jungle val could easily grow over 2 feet and would send out runners like you want. Sword plants work well also. If you lfs has bulb plants, dwarf aquarium lillies as mentioned before and aponogetons would do great also. 

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