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Fluval Aquasky vs Beamswork light.

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Do you guys feel the extra cost of the Fluval Aquasky is worth it over a Beamswork light. I don’t want it for the plant growth, I’m just looking for better lighting for my Pea puffers. The Aquasky is $57.99 at Petsmart and the Beamswork is $16.99 on Amazon.The difference is pretty large. 

To be honest, I really want the storm effect from the Aquasky in my room lol.


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11 minutes ago, Mmiller2001 said:

Do you think you will never get plants? Then the beams would be fine. But if you ever get curious about plants...

Beamswork does sell a good plant light for cheap. FYI

I have plants but just Java Ferns and Dwarf Sags, nothing that needs special lighting. 

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