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Lighting suggestions for a 50g hex?


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I'm trying to figure what would be best for this tank as it's very tall but doesn't have a large footprint. Another possible challenge is that the lid is textured and diffuses light differently. I'm planning to use an inert sand substrate, root tabs, liquid ferts, and no CO2. I attached some photos to give an idea of size/hardscape as well as the lid. The light above the tank in the photo is just the flashlight from my phone.

Plants that are going in (either from a tub outside or another tank):
Amazon frogbit
Amazon sword
Java fern
Java moss
Jungle val
Leopard val

My main concern is the val since I'm not very experienced with its needs. I got my plants in a trade from a local hobbyist but have zero experience with it personally beyond keeping it in an outdoor tub with my ferns after the trade.

Wood 1.jpg

Wood 2.jpg

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In hindsight, this should have been posted in the plants section. Oops
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