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Ruptured Tumor??


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Temp 76.1

pH 7.6

ammonia 0.25  City water has this amount of ammonia

nitrite 0

nitrate 30   I do a weekly water change

I need identification and a course of treatment for this.

This gourami was one of a pair. As usually happens in my tanks, after a while the weaker Gourami  is picked on and dies. The remaining Gourami  ends up eating itself to death. I noticed this Gourami  was getting fatter and thought that’s what was happening. A day ago I noticed that it was really a bulge on its right side. It had started hanging out at the bottom and resting. Sometimes going to the surface for air. Today I noticed that something either burst out of it or has scraped it on something, but it is opened up. I did my best effort for a emergency tank by getting a 3.5 gallon top fin out of storage, using sponge material from an established tank instead of a cartridge, filled it with seasoned water and added api stress coat. It has an air stone and an old heater that is stuck on 78F. It took me a while to get him out of the community tank. I’m willing to treat him but I’m also concerned about my community tank and if it is contaminated.

I have on hand aquarium salt, Kanaplex, General Cure, and Ich-X.

What  can I do?




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I dosed the aquarium salt and 1st dose of Kanaplex. After dosing the salt, he became quite agitated as you would expect with an open wound. I was able to get a better picture when he was swimming around more. Now he is hanging near the top so he can breathe from the surface.



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