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Live plants issue

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I have been keeping fish for over 50yrs. When I retired and moved to Fl.  I set up a 45 gal planted aquarium. The plants flourished with minimal feeding and no fancy lights.

Recently my amazon sword and the Jungle val started to wilt. I was using 2hr aquarist plant food, and it seemed to work for awhile. In fact I have a 29gal. tank in my shed with the offspring from the amazon & Jungle val. All the plants in the 29 are doing well producing runners and GREEN. I also have a anuba a java fern all doing well in the 45 gal tank.

Flourite is the substrate in the 45 gal and plain gravel is in the 29 gal.

I just tested the water in both systems and the parameters seem to be the same.  I also use R/O water for my water changes.

Mystifies me why the plants in one tank are stressed and in the other are growing like weeds.

Any suggestions

I just purchased your plant food and pellets and are awaiting there arrival.


Harold Petrak

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3 hours ago, lefty o said:

the amazon sword is a heavy root feeder, as they get bigger they need more and more ferts or they start to wilt/decay. liquid ferts seem to help, but root tabs make a bigger difference with these.


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