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Barbs and African cichlids who knew?


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7 minutes ago, TomO said:

I recently added small peacocks and jewel cichlids to my 75 gallon planted barb tank. No aggression at all.

Nice! Photos?

The maturing cycle for African is interesting. They can be all cool and relaxed . . . and then quite precipitously go rogue (especially when males are "bearding" -- more evident in Malawi Mbunas than with Peacocks. The Peacocks can grow really large, but the Jewel Cichlids don't usually get a whole lot bigger than a Kribensis. One of our LFS got giant Peacocks in recently -- 6-8 inch males. Hopefully the peace continues for you indefinitely! 

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I knew this, in some live streams you'll hear me talk about african cichlids and schooling fish such as rainbowfish and silver dollars etc. The schooling fish calm down the africans aggression because they are always in and out of territory.

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Since I can’t upload a video of the tank, here’s some pictures right before a water change. There are 6 gold , 6 odessa, 5 cherry, 6 tiger, barbs. 3 jewel cichlids, 7 assorted peacock, 2 gold dojo loaches, 2 green corydoras, and 3 johanii mbuna, and a pleco.




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