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Hi Everyone,

I'd really be interested in hearing from any of you who have had to tackle blue/green algae or are currently fighting this algae. I know it's not actually an algae but a bacteria. I've just started treatment for mine today with a product called Cerpofor Aerocol which is what my LFS here in the Uk have given me. I have to dose for three days, I'm told it's Ok with my fish. My tank is a fairly new tank and everything has been going fine until this horrible algae appeared, it grows so fast.  I think it's occurred because I've put plant soil beneath my substrate, being new to the hobby I thought this would be great for the many plants I have in my aquarium, I regret this decision now. I was leaving the lights on for about 10 hours a day for the plants but this I'm going to reduce to eight once I've hopefully eradicated this algae. I'm also planning on leaving the lights off for the next three days. I do have an air stone which is left on most of the time and a good filter. The carbon from the filter has been removed whilst treating the algae as per dosing instructions. 

The tank is 100L lightly stocked with 5 Danios and 5 Cherry Barbs which are lightly fed once a day at the moment (I'm strict about the feeding).  Daily water readings since the start of set up have been great.  I used Fritz Zyme 7 BB to get the cycle going. My readings for Ammonia and Nitrite have been 0 since day one and my Nitrates range from 10 to 20 ppm. PH8 a little high but I have hard water in my area. I have done two water changes of about 20% which have happened whilst syphoning off the algae from the substrate. 

How have you guys faired with battling this algae. Any experiences or advice is most welcomed.  Thanks.


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Here is what we do in our little fish room: Remove as much as possible by hand... Tear off plant leaves and portions that it grows heavily on... Wash off sponges that it grows on... Gravel vac out as much as possible from the substrate...

Basically -- I do everything I can myself to eradicate cyanobacteria by hand. After this, ensure that there is good flow going in the tank. Sometimes the addition of a small powerhead or pump can greatly help. Also, cut back on high lighting. Also, dose as directed with general plant fertilizer. Water change weekly -- 10-15% is fine. Just keep fresh water regularly mixing into your aquarium. Avoid overfeeding.

If it persists -- E. M. Erythromycin from API will completely knock it out. But it may also do a number on your healthy, aerobic bacterial colony.

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2 hours ago, Mafkees said:

Spot dosing hydrogen peroxide 3% solution does it. 

I would agree with this if it is confined to a small area....if it is running all over the tank ....Removing as much as possible and then dosing with the antibiotic is really the only solution other than tearing down the tank and bleaching everything.   

I fought it in a 90 gallon planted tank and it kicked my ever lasting behind until I nuked the tank.  Now I focus on prevention rather than removal.  

I feel horrible for people who experience this situation....Its a nightmare.

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Well, cyano is an anaerobic bacteria. You might want to consider dosing the tank with hydrogen peroxide on consecutive days. If you can keep the oxygen percentage up for long enough, you might just starve the cyano. 

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Thanks for the advice guys. I know I'm in for a battle with this disgusting stuff it's like a curse in your tank. I'm not sure I have the confidence to use hydrogen peroxide I'd be worried I'd overdose and kill my fish.

I hope this stuff I'm using now works, I'm going to blackout my tank at the same time. I'm going to do as fish folk suggested and I'm going to cut off the worst affected leaves off my plants, I've already removed as much from the substrate as possible. 

I've heard great things about Ultralife blue/green slime remover, can't get it here in the UK so I've had to order it from Amazon but it won't arrive for about three weeks, so frustrating, but if my attempts at removing it now fail, I have the back up plan.

Let the battle commence !!



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Hi Guys 

I have an update for you. Its day three, I've kept the tank covered with a towel, peeked at tank to do water tests and check the fish are Ok, which they appear to be. The Cyanobacteria appears to have died down a lot, almost gone, it's not spreading so that's a result. I still have final dose of treatment to complete later today. I thought the treatment and covering the tank was a double attack against the Cyanobacteria.  The only downside is for the first time my Ammonia has crept up to .25ppm so I've dosed with Fritz complete to remove the Ammonia as I can't do water changes for a couple of weeks as per Cyano treatment instructions. I've also dosed with more Fritz Zyme 7 BB to help my bacteria levels, as my tank is still fairly new and I think the treatment has affected the BB. My Ammonia has been zero since day one. All other readings today are great. I guess I will have to do part water change if Ammonia continues to rise, I see no choice with that aspect. 

I hope I've done the right thing by adding the Fritz products, I couldn't think of what else to do.  Can't allow the Ammonia to creep up.  I feel I'm on a rollercoaster with this tank, not a nice feeling, I'm so hoping my fish will be OK, but I'm trying my best and I'm NOT giving up, that's simply not an option. 



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