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Normal Tiger Barb behavior?


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My Tiger Barb's always end up doing this no matter what I do. They will spend most of the day hovering with a few swimming around. They've had moments of being active and mating. But here they are again crowded around my intake tube. They also twitch their heads occasionally, scrape on stuff, and will randomly swim erratically to the top for a quick gulp of air. No visible sicknesses except for maybe?? mildly open red gills. As I write this I have 2 males doing their fin-flare fighting thing so they must not feel too bad. 

I have soft acidic water and have tried various things to get my fish to "act normal". Aquarium salt, tetra balance plus, api ph 7.0, Wonder Shell, api general Cure, an air stone, water changes. 

Is it normal for tb to be this finicky? Im about to scoop them all out and take them to a pet store and get a hardier fish that will thrive in my tank. It's no fun watching fish that don't seem to be thriving in your tank.ugh frustrated 

I should add I also have 3 platies that don't seem 100 either. And they would be going with the tiger Barb's to the pet store lol. I know I might need to add some kind of medicine but I really don't want to do that.

I've only had this Aquarium for 4 mos and I've made a lot of changes to it with the background and decor and I wish I had picked different fish altogether.  Sorry for my "rant" can anyone relate?

Edit: meant to add that my next step is adding crushed coral to the tank...either in the substrate or media bad in hob filter.


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Mixed coral into the gravel, stirred it up and rearranged the tank. They're kinda moving around more so maybe that will help. Now I just need to figure out what to do about my 2 sunset platies that will not let my wag platy (all males) out of hiding without stalking and chasing him. I'd get females but don't like the look of pregnan live-bearers lol


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