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Feeding Goldfish - Running out foods.


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I have been taking care of my Goldfish for over a year at this point. Every so often they will become annoyed by the food I have been giving them. I vary their diets trying to give them a balanced diet. Everyday they get a nice salad usually consisting of spinach or Broccoli they nibble on it through out the day. I have had to switch "main" foods with them every month or so.

I started out with API Goldfish flakes (I know not the best choice), then moved to Fluval Goldfish Bug Bites, omega one pellets, Omega One Super Color Flakes (They loved this one for a long time), Hikari Goldfish Pellets, Xtreme Krill Flakes, and now today Fluval Bug Bites Spirulina Flakes (they are going gaga for it). I have tried my best to keep up with their preferences but am running out of ideas/research for what kind of foods I should feed them.

Do you guys have any foods that you have had luck with or have been curious to try but didn't get a chance to? Willing to try some out (especially if it's from co op).

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Also get some Repashy Super Gold. They love that too. 
My favourite food, especially for grooming young goldfish is blood worms and this Hikari food 



My current goldfish are eating the Repashy, Sera pond food, Hikari Fancy Goldfish, Xtreme Big Fella, Bloodworms, Southern Delight Fancy Goldfish, and lots of duckweed. I have 23 goldfish and they’ll all always eat all of the above (and generally anything else). 

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