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Hey there @Cory! so I started keeping fancy goldfish almost a year ago. I currently have a 55 gallon with 3 fancies and 1 new one in quarantine w aquarium salt. As far as filtering,I have a Tidal 55 and a large aquarium co op sponge filter running with extra bio media sitting on it. I am also about to add pothos to this system.  

My question(s): with the current setup, could I successfully add 1 last fancy goldfish( to make the total 5) and it not be unhealthy for the fish? 

Also, I have the med trio, but the last time I used it to quarantine a new fish, it didn't make it... so I have been using salt first (currently on day 22) and will dose med trio this last week. Is that too much for a new fish that not showing any signs of illness?

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You can add a 5th goldfish to the quarantine. Quarantine only ends when the fish are looking healthy and you're confidant they'll mix with the old ones well.

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