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Hello everyone.

I started getting into this hobby last spring. It's been a lot of fun learning all of the different aspects of keeping and maintaining an aquarium. And while I'm still fairly casual about it for now, in the future I do plan on getting more into the hobby in the future with multiple aquariums. I have my five gallon pea puffer tank pictured here. Looking forward to continue to expand my knowledge on the hobby 😀


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18 hours ago, JudyS said:

Welcome; I love this friendly forum! Is that a Betta log in the top left of your tank? If so, does your pea puffer swim through it? I have a pea puffer tank and a betta tank; my betta hangs out in a betta log in his tank - he loves it.

He swims through it but my puffer tends to hang out in the lower parts of the tank where there's a lot of vegetation. I originally had a betta in here and he hung out in it all the time, but unfortunately he passed. 

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