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Pond snail? Bladder Snail? Both?


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Ok, so when they were smaller people thought they were bladder snails, but now, Im not so sure.  Sometimes I think the antenna look more conical, others whispy.  But seems to me the shells point the opposite direction than bladders should.  Of course through the glass they look lighter in color but once I get them out they look the color of bladder shells.  Of course it is possible I've got both these were all free with my plant order (not aquarium co-op).  😒.  I attached photos of the two largest (crunchy and speedy).  I've now got a bunch of smaller ones as well. 

I have noticed that my plants are looking lacey and in not as good shape leading me to believe the snails may be eating the plants.  Attaching photo.IMG_4670.jpg.a21624f44790913e6186e322fed4e3df.jpg








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Well, Fun new development.  This guy showed themself yesterday.  I think its a ramshorn, which would make 3 different types of free snails that I have in my tank, yay?  I surprised that it is this size though, since I haven't introduced anything new since April and hadn't seen it before.  I seem to still only have 2 pond snails which are about 3/4" long by now.  I've got a bunch of bladder snails too, but none bigger than 1/4".  Some plant leaves are still a bit raggedy, using easy green so not sure the issue there.



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