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What’s on my salvinia’s roots

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On my main tanks, my salvinia’s roots looks perfect :


But in my fry little tanks/tubs, they get all fuzzy after a few days (less mouvement maybe?) Is it dangerous for the fry? Should I throw them away and change them every few days?


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I'm assuming that this is somewhat normal as I have the same thing on my roots, not as bad. But its been like this for a few months, and I haven't seen any negative side effects. I haven't raised fry with these salvania so I wouldn't know if its harmful to them but I would assume not.

I beleive its just debris from the water that the roots catch.


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Well, if you think about it, roots are for feeding the plant. They are catching detritus and "stuff" and holding there for the plant to eat, like sifting the water for compost. It is not pretty but it is actually a good thing. However, I think you are right that the lack of water movement contributes to visible build-up.

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