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150 Gallon Stocking and setup ideas


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I just acquired a 150 gallon truvu acrylic tank with a built in overflow sump across the back, dimensions are 60"x24"x24".  It was a package deal with Koi and Clown Loaches currently in the tank (a great deal at that).  I plan to rehome the Koi but undecided on the Clown Loaches as of yet.


IF the tank was empty and I was starting from scratch I would love to hear some ideas from my fellow NERMS.  I have a few things in mind.


1)Heavily planted cold water tank with higher flow. Stocked with:

12 Bearded Cory

6 Hillstream Loach

24+ Rainbow Shiners

Optional additions:

8 Banded Pygmy Sunfish (have other tanks with the other species already)


Anything I'm missing that would be compatible?

I try to breed whatever I have in any given tank. 1 to share with others and 2 to supplement the MTS costs and utility costs.  Those that are breeding these fish, what are the challenges you see in this type of community?  I would try the dish setup with river stone for the rainbows and pull any Cory eggs to a separate tank.


2) Lake Tanganyika species tank with sand substrate and rock wall against the back stocked with:

My ever growing Multi population. 12 adults, 20+ juveniles and 40-50 shells

12-15 Blue Neon Herring Cichlid

12 masked Julie.

I currently keep the multis and Julies in separate 33 longs.  The herring Cichlids are new to me but would cover the upper part of the tank.


That is all I have for ideas for now as I just picked up the tank on Wednesday.  I would love to hear all of your ideas. I have some time as I am moving things around and need to rehome the Koi still.


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