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Need diagnostic help


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29 Gallon planted

5 panda corys

7 hatchet fish

2 mystery snails

1 nerite

Temp 78

Nitrate: 0

Nitrite: 0

Hardness: >300

Buffer: 180

pH: 7.6

Chlorine: 0

Ammonia: 0

Need some help.  Sunday I noticed that one of the hatchet was swimming lower than the others and didn't seem to be moving his fins as much. One white dot was on his "arm pit".  Treated the tank with the med trio but not as Cory describes in his article, I hadn't seen it yet.

Monday morning he was dead. Picture is attached but its hard to see the spot.  Monday after work another one was dead.  Nothing looked strange, I looked at him under and magnifying glass. Took the remaining hatchets out placed them in a hospital tank.

Gravel vac'd and changed the water 50%. Re-treated the tank know with the knowledge from the post. 

The remaining hatchets seem a little pokey but they are all still alive.  Their water is the same as above.

The corys look depressed. The smallest one is hanging out in the plants.  They were fine yesterday. 

Did I over dose my corys?  The spots I highlighted is that normal anatomy?

I'd appreciate any guidance.

Thank you,








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I can't see anything out of the ordinary on your Cory's as for the hatchet fish have you add new fish or plants to the tank resently did you do a full course of each of the med trio as you said you treat not as described

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So, yes, I forgot to add that Sunday we added some floating plants. I have taken those all out. 

On Sunday I did the meds as labeled on the containers.  Yesterday, I did at least a 50% water changed and dosed the tank as its described in the article. It occurred to me as I was writing the post that maybe I had overdosed the tank.

I now see that one of them has white on his eyes.  I stare at these guys every day but usually they are moving so fast that I'm not sure I didn't miss it.


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Cloudy eye can be caused by poor water quality or fungal infection  your Cory could have had a reaction to the meds  sudden death are usely caused by poor water quality or bacterial infection I would do another course of maracyn with the hatchet fish and increase water changes on the tank with the Cory in that  usely resolves cloudy eye if you see no improvement after 5days or it get worse I would treat with API fungus cure

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