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Plants arrived!


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Can't get my planting done this moment because I have to get some sleep before work. Twelve hour shifts are hard on an old fat man. Will these be OK if I don't plant them until tomorrow morning? How about for a few days? 

Here's my parameters a few hours ago;

05-20 0930
Ammonia .10 ppm
Nitrite 2.0 ppm
Nitrate 80 ppm
pH 6.4


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I'm assuming your just cycling your tanks based on the water parameters.

But, yes the plants will be fine. They've been in those very pots since they were at the farms, a few more days wont hurt. Is that a sword I see in the back? If your going to be keeping these plants in the pots for a while longer you may want to consider inserting a root tab in the rock wool.

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1 hour ago, Cory said:

They'll be fine until tomorrow. You may want to look into getting your pH up a bit. 6.4 is pretty low. I use crushed coral mixed into the substrate to do this.

Awesome, thank you,  Cory!

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