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2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs


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Any hockey fans out there!

Whats your stanley cup playoff bracket looking like? What team are you cheering for?

Heres mine:


I have the Avalanche winning the stanley cup. 

FYI to all the americans, the stanley cup in Canada is like the Super Bowl in America. Its a big deal, everyone watches it.

I'm cheering for the oilers!


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Since their ECHL team is here, the Utah Grizzlies, I gotta go with the Avs! 

FYI, for non-hockey fans, the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) is  one of the minor leagues of hockey, somewhat akin to the Double-A baseball league. The American Hockey League (AHL) is similar to Triple-A. The Canadian Hockey League (CHL) is a bit like the Arizona Fall League (AFL) in that each team consists of a mix of players drafted by multiple teams. Plus, the CHL has an age cap that limits players to 19U plus a limited number (no more than 3) of over-20 year-olds.

You wanna go, eh?  🥅🏒


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21 hours ago, Jeff said:

Rooting for Toronto. I enjoy seeing streaks broken. I'm also a sucker for Original 6. If they don't make it, then Vegas. 

Ah, for the days when the playoff brackets were filled with names like Campbell, Wales, Patrick, Smythe, Adam, and Norris. Sigh! 🙁

We just went through this in minor league baseball.  Gone are the colorful and historied Pacific Coast League and International League. Instead, we have Triple-A West and Triple-A East. How boring. 😪

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