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First aquarium setup


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So yesterday I added fish to my planted 40 breeder after cycling for a few weeks. I got 7 praecox rainbowfish and 1 electric blue acara. They're still settling in of course but I did have a couple questions. While the rainbowfish do go to all levels of the tank (though rarely to the top) they seem to mostly school at mid to bottom level, which is opposite from their normal behavior I've heard. The acara pretty much does the same thing but he/she is very skittish and runs away if I try to feed them. The rainbowfish will eat if they see the food sinking down. I think the tank is so large and they are so skittish that getting them to see that I'm feeding them is an issue. By the time I put the food in they are at the opposite end of the tank missing out. Though again once the food starts sinking the rainbowfish will chow down like crazy. The acara won't though. I've seen it mainly sifting through the substrate and picking up odd pieces here and there off the bottom. Is that anything to be concerned about? Or is it just going to take time to get used to the new setup?


Edit: I noticed they sent me 6 males and 1 female rainbowfish. That's a horrible ratio obviously but at the moment it seems like the males are too busy

with each other to pay the female much attention. I wish they had sent me a better ratio, that's kind of disappointing.

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Thats completley normal! They just aren't used to you yet! Give it a week or so and they should be up at the glass begging you for food. You can also try spending more time at the tank, putting your hands on the glass ever so gently to let them know that your their freind. 

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