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Hillstream loach - fungus?


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Hi there,

Hope everyones having a great day.

I hope you can help me out. One of 4 hillstream loaches in my 45 gallon has "white stuff" at one eye. I saw it just now, all the other fish in the community tank are fine. It looks like a fungus to me on first sight, but I am literally just guessing. Didn't find anything with a quick online research.

Anyone else with an idea what it could be - and what I could do?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Ammonia at 0, N03 ~ 15, N02 at 0, GH between 6-8, KH at 3, PH ~6.5. 





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It may be fungus. If it’s white and a bit “fuzzy” looking, it is. If you have a Quarantine tank set up, that’s preferable for treating. If not... you might end up dosing the tank. I highly recommend a quarantine; but recently, I had to dose an entire tank with API Fungus Cure. It’s got Malachite Green in. Stains the water like engine coolant! 1191534957_ScreenShot2021-05-16at12_04_12AM.png.ff177f7c36612e8eddd2e7a73bcd9bc6.png


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Thanks a lot!

I don't have a quarantine tank, so I will have to go with monitoring and treat If I see it gets more, I guess. Thanks for the help!

I will try to set up a quarantine tank for the future soon.

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