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Question about Ready to go aquarium water

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I have a previous post related to getting a our new tank going. We have been having issues getting the ammonia to drop below 0.25. We have been using our tap water and treating it with prim and stability.  We tested our tap water this morning and we were shocked at the ammonia reading from it. Was at least 1 ppm.  We really don't want to use it anymore. 

The question is what is a good water to use . We are considering a water change to attempt to drop ammonia again, and have considered buying one of the pre treated waters that you see in pet stores.  Is this stuff ok to use?  I don't want to mess up our tank that has been going for almost a month now, and has a thriving albino pleco.  

New and Learning. Glad I found a forum for questions. 🙂 


**Edited to add.. We currently get water to drink from a machine. I tested this water as well and it has 0 ammonia , 0 clorine . The only possible downfall to it is the PH on it is in like 6.0 range. So would we need to add an enhancer perhaps to it ?  Should we consider doing like a 25%  water change with this water? Also our tap water test in the very hard range and this water test as soft. 

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