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Keeping (not killing) Flatworms


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Hey everyone, this might sound odd, but I actually want to have an aquarium with planarians in it. I work as a teaching assistant for an animal diversity class at a college.

My boss gave my free rein over a 50 gallon tank and asked if it would be possible to keep planarians in there (since we cover Platyhelminthes every semester and it is tedious for us to go out and collect them every time). I want to stock the 50 gallon with cherry shrimp and some variatus platies, so I might just have the flatworms going in our spare 10 gallon filled with pond water if they get hunted down. 

Does anybody have any tips to keep them alive in an aquarium? Specifically: what species do well at room temperature, water parameters, and other special care requirements? We haven’t had much luck keeping them in a 10 gallon tank with pond water and an air stone (plus some fish food). 

I also vaguely remember Cory saying that he intentionally let them reproduce in some of his tanks to try out medications/treatments for Planaria. Does anyone know what he did? 

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