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Storing live baby brine shrimps

Karen B.

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I read somewhere on this forum that you can store BBS in the fridge. It will slow their metabolism and once you rince them, they should start swimming again.

I have been doing that for 2 days now and my BBS never start swimming again. 
1 - are you supposed to store them in the salted water?

2 - Can I feed these dead BBS to my fish? They are never older then 24 hours

3 - Any other way I could keep them alive for 12-24 hours? If I build a DIY 2nd hatchery but only run an airstone, would that work?

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Sorry to hear that! I have never stored BBS in the fridge so I will defer to whoever has experience with that. I have heard of people storing adult brine shrimp in the fridge in salted water for 3-4 days however.

1 - Yes, they need to remain in the saltwater if you want to keep them alive. 

2 - I would err on the side of caution and say no since I have no idea how quickly they spoil after they die. If you really don’t want to waste them, you could try it in little doses as long as they don’t smell rancid, but I wouldn’t try these out on your prized possession fish/most expensive tank.

3 - Yes, that is totally possible! I believe Dean only runs air with his brine shrimp, but he said that the key is to find the right air flow. If it is too high, the BBS will smash against each other, break their limbs off, and die. 

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