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How many Amano shrimp in 10g?


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I have encountered a hair algae problem in my 10g planted tank. 

How many Amano Shrimp would you recommend? I'd rather have a clean up crew than manually remove. 

Tank has been running for 1 year: Ember Tetras, Neon Green Rasboras, and Chili Rasboras are in the tank. A butt load of snails to boot. 

Consistently water is:

0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, ph 7.4, kh 4, gh 11, Nitrates 40 - 80 

Lights are on a timer for 7 hours. Other equipment is in my signature. 

Attached is what the algae looks like in my tank to give you perspective. 






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Amano shrimp at full adult size get pretty large compared to the fish in your tank, so I'd say maybe three. That type of string/hair algae only shows up in my tank when the lights are on too bright and there are too many nutrients in the tank. You could try reduce either of those two things and still avoid manual removal.

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In late on this...My experience with Amanos is that they often develop an aggressive pecking order,  and a group of 5-6 often works best with a "random scoop" from a store to keep the bully or bullies in check while they work out  everyone's social position.

 If you need/want to supplement their scavenging,  they're pretty enthusiastic about sinking algae wafers (e.g. Hikari).  I would recommend breaking the wafer into multiple small pieces so that each shrimp gets a chance at some.

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Spell checker changed Hikari to Hiriki..? and added some info.
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On 7/25/2021 at 10:26 PM, Jeff said:

Thanks,  NanoNano.


Anyone else? Should I be supplementing their diet? And if so, how often?

You CAN supplement up to 3 times a week... but Amanos are little thieves and will probably pick up any fish food you drop in the tank. Mine love to steal catfish pellets and repashy.

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