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Gill flukes? Treatment/ dosage

Ryan P

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  So I've noticed that my four dwarf neon rainbow fish have all been towards the top of the tank and are clearly starving for oxygen.  This has been going on since Sunday night. I have since ordered Mardel maracyn and fritz paracleanse from aquarium coop and am waiting for it in the mail. I've also noticed a few fish rubbing themselves on the substrate but only a few times.

  I have a 46 gallon bow front that is moderately planted(about a month old) and I run an eheim classic 350 that already had established b.b. when tank was started up. Tank also had established substrate and large rock from previous tank. I run an air stone bar under the gravel and have my canister output create a slight ripple on the water surface.. I'm working on getting the algae under control but am most of the way through it.  It is a heavily stocked with fish and I also have larger shrimp and nerite snails.

Im about 95% sure that Gill flukes are to blame and was hoping for treatment/ dosage advise.

I have read that I should be treating withe the paracleanse first and then the maracyn after. I also noticed that aquarium coop has their own dosage method so I'm trying to come up with a good game plan.

I'm also planning on adding an additional air stone during treatment to be safe.

Any opinions/advice would be much appreciated.



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