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Ick? Ick X reactions?


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Hello fish folk! 

This likely has been covered but after searching and not finding it after half an hour of looking I decided to just start a thread. 

last week I noticed what appeared to be ick on one of my darker angels. His bottom fins has two little white dots on the very end of each fin and one white spot on his side. I ordered some ick X after researching treatments. I also raised the temp a bit in the tank. 

it’s been three days now and the white spot on his side is larger and now there are three not just one. The white tips of his fins have shrunk in size but are still present. 
I am wondering if the ick X is working causing ick which has been feeding on it to start coming out or if I have misdiagnosed the situation. Or perhaps we have two conditions simultaneously. 
What are some of the results others have experienced during ick X treatment? 
what other medicine should I be using if any?

help is appreciated!  

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