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Anubias nana petite 'snow white' advice.

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Hey all,

I ordered a bunch of fish-stuff last weekend, and to prevent paying for shipping, I added a small cup of anubias nana petite 'snow white' (sold as Anubias sp. mini white). The price was pretty much the same as shipping, so easy choice.


I've tried to find proper care for these plants, but I've found conflicting things. Some people say that they need more light, other say they need lower light. Common sense tells me that they would need a bit more light, due to the absence (or pretty much absence) of chlorophyll. However, them being anubias, the slow growth might beg for algae to overtake them.

Right now I've tied it to a piece of lavarock to keep it underwater with some fishline, and put it in a 'quarantine tub' with no lighting. I have more anubias in there that I currently don't have a tank for (I'm building a fish room, but plants always want to come home with me). Those anubias are doing great and growing leaves. I hope it will adjust properly, since it was grown in-vitro.

Anyone have experience with these types of anubias?


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I've grown a lot of regular nana--they seem to get more algal with a lot of light, but having good flow in and around their dense bunches of leaves seems to help a lot. The presence of amano and cherry shrimp is also helpful, as they (in my experience) seem to enjoy picking over them for food.

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I've grown one of these in my tank for a few months now. In my experience, the higher the light, the more green color the leaves exhibit. The lower the light, the more variegation. They grow slowly like other Anubias and are not difficult plants to keep at all.

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