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Help me aquascape my 2g shrimp tank

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What plants do you guys think would look good in this shrimp tank, and where should i put it?  Its a 200mm cube (just under 8", 2gallons).  I've added a USB drive at the front for scale.    I'm running the small ACO filter at half height.  Ideally I'd like to hide it.  I have a tiny anubias nana petite that I'm probably going to glue to the rock.  I plan on lighting it for ~6hr/day + ambient light from my window (no direct sun, but it is south facing).


I guess the challenge is that even a small plant will look pretty big here.  Ideally I'd like to hide the filter a bit more and just have some nice looking plants to keep nitrate low so I don't have to water change much.


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