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Hello from Divide Colorado FishFam

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Ive been keeping fish since I was 5 in Boston with my dad. Took a break from 9/11/01 until 2014 or so while serving in Army and starting a DHS career post service. 

down to 3 50 gallons and 1 75gallon tend to skew to puffers these days.

50g : variatus platy colony, dwarf chain loaches (12), LDA01 (5), heavy plants, Cherry Shrimp (skittles)

50g: Crenichila Regani pair 

50g: 3 hairy puffers full grown (18 month old colony)

75g: nile puffer 4" very chill so far, dither experiment: kribs, celebes rainbow

I like working on breeding all my fish and learning from them. puffers are really fun for me looking forward to getting baby hairy puffers from the colony after seeing some breeding behavior early this year and hoping for regani babies as well at some point.

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Thanks. Glad I took the hint in the live stream yesterday to use this amazing resource that is CARE. Single these guys are amazing group they are also amazing. I wouldnt do the hairy puffer group without the ability to seperate them if necessary. They have different personalities  and I likely just got the right mix for these first 18 months together; no guarantee the dynamic doesnt change at some point so I have the ability to separate them into a pair or three individuals immediately if needed. They are a pretty amazing short list species to me also. 

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