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New Leaking Tank


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Anyone ever had a new tank leak in the first two weeks?  I was working in my office today and heard an odd dripping sound.  I turned around to see water running toward me and the aquarium draining onto the floor.  I am very fortunate to be sitting in the room with it when it started leaking.  The tank was a new 38 gal Aqueon that I got from my LFS to replace my old 38 gal aquarium.  The old aquarium was missing the top brace and was starting to fail with a significant bow to the glass but had been operating for over half a year on the same location on the same stand.  Ironically, the old tank was the one that I was worried about failing and wanted to get replaced as soon as practical.  The mess is cleaned up now and all the animals are safe in the old tank again.  I keep worrying that there is an issue with my setup that I cannot see and that I will have the same problem with the replacement tank.  I leak tested the new tank in the garage for over a week with no issues and made sure both the stand and the new tank were level after removing the old tank.  If you have seen this scenario before I would love to know your thoughts.

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The stand is a 2x4 DIY stand that is only a foot tall with 1/2" plywood for the top and is solid as a rock.  The LFS (is 60 miles away) has already agreed to return the leaking tank because they are awesome and give me their other 38 gal tank as a replacement.  Importantly the other tank they are going to give me is the only other 38 gal tank in this area.  The other good news is that I was able to find gas for the car today so I should be able to try and return the tank tomorrow.

Here is the stand.  The marks are where the old tank literally stuck to the paint (Kilz) and had to be pried off.


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5 minutes ago, lefty o said:

as long as the stand is flat, so that it isnt twisting the tank, it is just a coincidence.

The stand and tank were definitely level.  I checked with a 4' level and was on level on the fine gage (checked front, back, sides, 2x cross).  The tank was in full contact with all four corners of the stand.  I feel like it was a coincidence, but there was no obvious leak path when I took the leaking tank outside, leveled it, and filled it a few more times to try and see where the leak was coming from.

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Thanks @Beardedbillygoat1975 and @lefty o for the advice.  Sorry for the delayed response, but I have been really busy with the end of school activities so I am just getting back to the forum and this post.

As a final update, the new tank that failed had less caulk along the bottom seam at the location of the leak, so it looks to be the tank and not the stand.  The tank was replaced by the LFS with no issues and has been setup in the new location for about a month.  I love the new tank!


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