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Water Clarity (or lack thereof)


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46 gallon planted tank with driftwood (lots of tannin in water at first)

8 Platies and 1 large Angelfish

Filter: Fluvall Aqua Clear 50 (x2)

3 water changes (about 1/3 each time) over 2 week period

Added 8 oz Fritz Zyme 7. 

Nitrates 20, Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0, Total Hardness 300, Total Alkalinity 300, pH 8.4

Water still not clear, although tannin was lighter. 

Rinsed Purigen and replaced charcoal with Purigen in one of the filters. 

24 hours later, Purigen is brown, tannins are much less, but water is still very cloudy. 

Rinsed brown Purigen and put it back in filter, then rinsed a new Purigen bag and replaced the charcoal in the 2ndfilter with Purigen. 


What am I doing right and what am I doing wrong?  


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I’ve noticed a general cloudiness in my tanks when I have excess phosphates. My tap water is well water and they use phosphate buffers for ph. I use phosguard to lower both that and silicate in my tap. You could look into it. Filter floss also does a heck of a job (as mentioned earlier).

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