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Advice for green spot algae

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Hi everyone! I'm starting to see green spot algae growing on some of my hardscape and slower growing plants. I've looked online for information but the general consensus seems to be "all algae is bad so we need to kill it with fire". What are your guys' opinions? Can I leave it alone to do its thing or should I be proactive about getting rid of it? I don't care about how it looks, I just don't want it to kill my plants. The tank is a 20gallon medium planted tank with 6 corys and 4 mystery snails btw. It's cycled but only been operational for 3 months.

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To be honest I like when GSA covers my hardscape and rocks, and it is not harmful to your fish or snails. But I am not such a fan of it on my glass and plants. You can scrape it off glass easily and I have found nerite snails helpful for cleaning it off plants.

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