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Frozen foods from one brand sink, other brand floats.

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I have noticed that some frozen cubes from brand 'A' sink after a few minutes, and from brand 'B' stay afloat seemingly forever (both Dutch brands). This is frustrating to me, since I feed some of my fish through a PVC pipe to let the food sink into a feeding dish to make cleaning after them easier and prevent it from getting sucked up into the filter. If they stay afloat and after a few minutes I remove the PVC pipe, the filter output will blow the cube apart, disperse it all over due to the flow and a big portion goes straight into the pump to my DIY overhead filter. I'm wondering where the difference is in the foods. I noticed this with artemia cubes. I need to test others. Is there a difference in quality of the food, or is something else going on? It concerns all cubes from a certain brand, so not random per blister.

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All the frozen foods I have used, if you throw a frozen chunk in the tank it floats as it thaws, and the food falls off the chunk as it does thaw. But, if I thaw the foods out in a little water first, and then use a turkey baster and squirt it into the tank it sinks, some faster than the other.

 I'm not a scientist, but it's just like how ice floats on your glass of water.

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