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HELP! What algae is this?

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See attached pics. This algae just started growing on most of my leaves? Is this the start of BBA? If it is BBA, should I try to get it off the leaves, put back in the tank and dose tank with Excel? What could be the reason for this growing on my leaves? I don’t have any fish and a low tech tank. Maybe I should start putting liquid carbon in? Any thoughts are appreciated. 



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I am by no means any kind of expert, I am as new as they come.  However, I have this all over the leaves on my new tank and I think its brown algae, aka diatoms?  Supposed to be pretty common with new tanks and once everything matures and starts filling in, it will go away on its own usually... I think?  It also looks like snail poops, which is good because I think snails eat brown algae.  

Ok, that's a lot of "I think" going on so definitely take it with a giant grain of salt. 🙂

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