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Can I save these Tetras from Columnaris?


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Just gone through some water quality problems which are hopefully now addressed looking into the future (I had issues with PH dropping and disrupting the cycle of the tank massively.) 2 blue king tetras have showed symptoms of what I believe is Columnaris? I've moved these guys over to a small hospital setup I have going and have begun dosing salt at 1 tbsp per gallon as I'm told Columnaris can kill very quickly so I didn't feel there was much time to mess around. (I had previously hoped to try a Methylene blue treatment, but in the end I ended up water changing 90% of that out as the fish were hugely distressed and franticly darting when it was in there.)

It's been around 2 days now in the salt, and I do believe that I've seen small cotton like threads come loose from the affected areas of the fish. As you can see, there's also quite a clear black outline forming around the affected areas which has become more prominent as the treatment continues.

Is there anything more I can do to help these guys as a UK resident? We cannot get antibiotics legally. I'll take any advice and help I can get as I'm very attached to these guys and want to do right by them. Thank you!




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2 minutes ago, KHorner said:

Thanks, I'll go ahead and order some in. They're exceptionally tough little fish these blue kings!

Hopefully it works out you can order kanaplex and furan 2 which treat gram negative bacterial infection from Amazon US they will deliver to the UK but it will take a couple of weeks to get there I like to have some on hand just in case anything pops up 

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