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Treated this 40 gal breeder with API Fungus Cure. Water looks like engine coolant. Electric Blue Acaras could care less, and chose to spawn on a big shell. I'm trying to figure out exactly how I want to try to pull the eggs . . . 


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EBA Eggs on shell pulled. Treated with 1 ml. 3% H2O2. Airstone added . . . 

Used the tank water filled with Malachite Green (aka Victoria Green) treatment. Maybe it will ward off fungus in the hating container. Will keep a close eye out for any fungus. If they drop off the shell and become wigglers, the fun begins! Takes a few days.

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11 minutes ago, mountaintoppufferkeeper said:

Cool stuff. Did you see a higher hatch rate / lower fungus rate by leaving them in the Victoria green than you would otherwise expect? Congrats

Well, it looks to be a decent sized spawn. If they all go free swimming in the next few days, there’s a chance we’ll be well over 100+. I know they can yield more, but that’s as big as we’ve ever had. But it’s a touchy time right now... they need to get free and clear of the pile, eat off their yolk sack, and start on micro foods. We shall see! 

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EBAs spawned again. Pulled the shell they laid eggs on. Going to do a pretty serious EBA year! Grow-out tanks are getting cleared and ready. Fed 1st batch Co-Op BBS this morning. Nice and small when they hatch — great eggs for breeders! 



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Here's an update on the EBA fry. Some java moss has been added, along with several flowers of water lettuce. Lots of ammonia spikes in these little containers, so some greens help to moderate and absorb that between water changes.

Feeding on mix of baby brine shrimp, vinegar eels+sera micron+new life spectrum fry powder.

Also, the newer container / batch are all lively wigglers. They'll be free-swimming in a few days.


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Both batches of EBA fry are going strong! Feeding all on baby brine shrimp. Kudos to Co-Op BBS — nice and small, great for very young fry.

Sponge filters, water lettuce, Java moss, and alder cones added to each.

Water is partially changed daily with mixture of R.O. bottled water, and cycled tank water.

There are a few dead ones each day, but less and less.


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Well, the EBA grow-out tank is all ready now


Of course... the Bristlenose Pleco pair left in decided they loved the new wood... and the quiet... so they’ve spawned


Looks like this is going to be a trial-and-error “breeding for profit” tank 😅

Took a video of the EBA fry before tank lights turned on this morning

And for any interested NERMs, here’s how I change water in fry containers

I use a small, fine pre-filter intake over a siphon tube to extract 16 oz of specimen container water that the fry are in.


Then I replace with 16 oz. bottled water from R. O. (WalMart drinking water uses an R. O. source) — which have been already floating in the tank to match temperature.


Here’s a video...





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