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Anyone know what my Honey Gouramis are doing?

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25 minutes ago, Geoff kuiken said:

My honey gouramis sort of go in this hugging position then one of them usually releases a whole bunch of bubbles.  No biting or marks on any of them.  Not sure if I maybe need to re home a fish? 


If two males, they may be sparing. If a pair, they may be spawning. Is there any sign of a bubble nest along the water surface anywhere? 

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Just now, Fish Folk said:

Do you know the sex of your gouramis? 

I bought them assuming they were all males(4 total). I have a video of it but it won’t let me upload it (super frustrating).  So far just 1 of them have developed the black underbelly.  So I know 1 male for sure lol.  The other 3 look like males but definitely not as vibrant as my main boy.  

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