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Just picked up my 1st Apisto!!!


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I had a sad day a couple weeks ago and lost my male GBR Franklin that I had for 10 months. He got an injury below his lip and I tried a couple medications that made it go down but not go away completely unfortunately. My 15gal Fluval flex was looking bare without him! I have been interested in Apistos for a while now seeing all the videos on YouTube about them and managed to find one at my lfs yesterday in a tank full of gbrs! It was the last one they had and was listed as a borellii. Unsure of the sex at this point hoping for a male! It’s just over an inch long at this point so very small but looks like it has the potential to color up nicely! The Apisto already comes up to greet me just like Franklin did! 





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2 minutes ago, Fowler said:

I think you have a male on your hand very pretty. How I understand it males have bright color and bigger longer find opposite for lady's 

Thank you I believe so too! Really impressed with the size of its fins already at such a small size!

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My Male Apisto Borellii has been settling in nicely in 2 days it’ll be a month that I’ve had him now he’s colored up and grown a bit! He’s still very camera shy so I had to try and lure him in for a photo with some frozen brine shrimp. His tail fin is a beautiful yellow as well but I couldn’t get him to come all the way out. I’m used to my male GBR who would swim and stop right in front of the camera when I was trying to take pictures of plants. I guess it’ll just take him more time to get used to the phone he’s comfortable with me at least! FCA51F27-B6CC-49BD-8DDE-C6562473266D.jpeg.2416fd3ce8441cca37134b9a82baabac.jpeg9B1DE1F3-BAA0-4000-9943-B32F31588052.jpeg.e4a0651104085bd9a42062c84b2fabda.jpeg

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