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Above aquarium trickle filter

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As “efficient and good” as any other method.

But, of course, that’s a loaded answer to an equally loaded question.

Filter efficiency and effectiveness (no matter by what means it is accomplished) is completely dependent on flow rate and the media used for filtration.

in other words, if a trickle setup is sized right, has adequate flow, and contains enough mechanical and biological filtration for the job required, then it’s as good as anything else.

A trickle filter that flows a certain volume of water through a certain volume and type of media, will have exactly the same result (or lack thereof) as a canister filter (or any other type) with the same specification.

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Trickle filtration is excellent for biofiltration. High-end koi fanciers often use Bakki Showers for biofiltration. The drawbacks to trickle filtration in the home are noise and humidity. They tend to be noisier than many other types of filtration and they tend to have more evaporation which leads to higher humidity in the house. A well designed trickle filter though works very, very well. Aerobic bacteria thrive in trickle towers. 

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