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Temperature for Tropical Community Tank


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There is so much discussion about what temperature to keep tanks at. Some people prefer a higher temperature for their community tank and other prefer lower temperatures (obviously within the parameters for the fish in the tank). I am curious what you guys keep your community tropical tanks at and what the thought process is behind it. 

I have a community 125 with some platys, a few male fancy guppies, black skirt tetras, some blood fin tetras, 1 angel fish, 1 blue opaline gourami, 1 honey gourami, some Denison barbs, some tiger barbs, 5 Bolivian rams, an albino bristlenose pletco, a mix of Cory cats, a few African dwarf frogs, a few zebra danios, 3 golden wonder killifish  and a few swordtails.  I keep the tank at 77.5F and everyone seems to be thriving. 

What are your thoughts for the perfect temperature on a mixed community tank? What’s the sweet spot and why? 

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I got my heaters controlled by inkbird thermostats, and I set up the range for 75-80 (if temp. drops to 75, thermostat will turn it on until it raches 80, then turn off and cycle repeats). 

My room is constantly at 78 though, so the heaters barely turn on during A/C months.

I do not have heater in cherry shrimp tank though, have them without heater all year long and everything is fine!

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