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Spur of the moment amphipod/scud experiment.

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So I occasionally collect wild scuds after work. We have an old gravel mine in the back that only gets dredged every few years. Every spring and fall, the amphipods swim into the shallow temporary pools on the edge to catch the warm sunshine. I’ve grabbed them there in the past to feed to my loaches. 

So anyway I randomly decided to try to keep some alive this year and see if they would breed for me. They’re pretty big at over an inch long so the breeding size adults are mostly going to be fed to my dojo loaches, dollar sunfish and killifish. I’m hoping to be able to net out babies to feed out to all the other fish. 
Anyways, any tips on long term scud care?


Picture shows the edge of the lake, how I caught them (paper cup and gallon ziplock) and what I ended up putting them in (old 5 gallon acrylic hex that hadn’t been used in 10 years). I tossed some water sprite and duck weed in the top. I don’t know if they’ll eat it or not. 

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