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How to add substrate to a shrimp tank


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This was one of the first aquariums I put together and I did not get enough substrate in it.  I want to add at least an inch to the top (of black) so that the plants will stay planted and there is better contrast for the critters.  There is only water sprite and 1 anubias in there now but I want to add a few more different plants.  The problem for me is this is a fully functioning cherry shrimp colony.   There are tons of little shrimp all over and I am concerned that if I just dump a bunch of new substrate in that I will kill off a decent amount of them.  Should this be a concern at all?  If I go slow will they just move out of the way?   Or since they seem to reproduce like crazy does it even matter?   Am I being overly concerned?  Thanks.


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Hi @starsman20, I would remove the plants and other decorations from the aquarium. I would leave the substrate, filter and tank inhabitants in there only.

Then after thoroughly rinsing the substrate, I would add the substrate at one corner or area of the aquarium at a time. Then from there I would spread the substrate by hand until the desired look is achieved. 

That should give your shrimp plenty of time to get out of the way. 

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