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Hello, All!

I wanted to start a journal here to kind of keep track of things and hope that others enjoy seeing this stuff too. I know I love seeing/reading about everyone else's tanks through their journals. 

I currently have 2 tanks, a 20 gallon and 14 gallon. Both have Bettas with some tanks mates. I am hoping to convince my boyfriend that I need a third tank once I start my new job, which would be a guppy community tank I think. I "rescaped" my 20 gallon tank today and thought it would be the best time to start this journal off. I plan on doing the 14 gallon tomorrow and will add that here tomorrow.

My 20 gallon is currently home to:

  • Galadaeros (aka Gal) the Halfmoon Betta
  • 2 Nerite snails
  • 6ish Amano shrimp
  • 5 Otocinclus
  • 8ish Ramshorn snails

I started this tank back in January when I fell in love with Gal at a Petsmart. I have had fish off and on throughout my life, but unfortunately not to the level of care that I now know they need. I have since fallen down the rabbit hole and am OBSESSED. 

oldtank.jpg.4dbd5e6e7c657674f989ba4ba2d2ee6f.jpgThis is what the tank looked like this morning. I am currently fighting some hair algae, but it is SO much better now than it was. I think I am finally beating it! Though, it does look cool on my castle, I think. 

newtank.jpg.4da121d0dfbce76c21839f5579b185e8.jpgThis is what I ended up with. I hope my PSO will fill in the background soonish, since it is all spread out now. I am thinking about adding a background but cant decide between black and dark grey. 

gal.jpg.17025235fb263faa0028a11dafe1822c.jpgGal is pouting because he only got vibra bites today, not frozen bloodworms.

galrest.jpg.3a934b8abf3d732b6d4a87710c4d6203.jpgGal likes to rest on the hair algae.


And a super cute Oto. I am in LOVE with these little fish!!


Thank you for coming and seeing my tank! 

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Beautiful aquarium! A dark grey background would be interesting, I have not seen that before. I think black would hide algae better though if you were not planning on cleaning the back panel. The hair algae does look cool though on the castle haha 

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