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My preciouuuuuuus! Proud canadian owner of Aquarium co op products!

Karen B.

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It feels like Christmas today!!


I use the service of an in-between company (myus.com - not promoting, just letting other fellows Canadian know if they are intetested) and tada! Sure the shipping costs are really high but it’s worth it to have good quality products. ☺️

But I think someone on their team is collecting the sticker because it’s the 2nd time I use their service... and both time they stole my sticker 😭

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3 minutes ago, James Black said:


I have to ask, how much was shipping?

I too am from Canada and if shipping is afordable would look into something like this. Would you reccemend the same service you used, even though they stole your sticker?

Shipping is based on many thing - like the weight of your items, etc.

I do recommend them, especially this month as they have a 25% off shipping. You have also many options for shipping from fast to slow. For a 3.3 lbs package, I paid 46 US $ (including duties & taxes).

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