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Looking for fish suggestions!


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Hi guys! 

Would love your suggestions for what fish to add to my tank - or whether I should add anything. 

The tank: 20 gal long, heavily planted, HOB filter, and sponge filter, driftwood and rocks, lots of hiding spots. One side of the tank has moderate flow, the side where the HOB lets out, the other side is pretty still, the side with the sponge filter. Substrate is fluval stratum with a patch of sand near the front. No algae, water is clear, light is moderate to low. 

Parameters: Temp - 76 C, pH - 6.8, GH - 140, KH - 40 ppm (currently trying to increase KH slowly)

Current inhabitants: 4 corydoras habrosus - I plan on increasing this to 10 when they're back in stock at my LFS, 2 cherry shrimps that appeared in the tank randomly, 1 ghost shrimp, 2 honey gouramis (a male and a female) - they're aggressive to each other but they don't bother the shrimps or corys, not sure how they'd react to another fish in the mid/upper part of the tank. 

Things I've ruled out, correct me if I'm wrong tho: Snails - I have a ton of pond/ramshorn/malaysian trumpet snails. I had 3 apple snails but I had to move them to their own set up bc the gouramis were biting their antenna, Dwarf pleco - my tank is too cold, and I don't want to increase the temp cause when the tank was warmer the cories were dying and getting fungus, Hillstream loach - I heard other's saying they can be aggressive towards other bottom feeders and my corys are small and helpless. 

I'd like to add maybe a single fish or a pair of one type. Thank you!


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1 minute ago, Colu said:

Nice group of lamb chop rasbora or harlequin rasbora to go with the honey gourami's

Thanks for the suggestion. I might consider a schooling fish, but I do sort of like having only a few fish so that I can recognize each individual.

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1 minute ago, KBOzzie59 said:

76C = 168 F

Are your fish wearing fire suits?

If you meant 76 F that temp is fine for "dwarf plecos".  I have a couple tanks with the smaller plecos and corries and they each just go about their own business.


lol good catch, sorry, I meant 76 F!

I was told that dwarf snow ball or spiny plecos thrive at 79-84 F, but I have no personal experience and am not sure if that is accurate.

What temp do you keep yours at and what species are they? I'd be interested in other pleco species that stay small and tolerate relatively cooler temps. Thanks!

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8 minutes ago, MAC said:

I saw some Daisy Rice Fish at my LFS the other day that looked amazing in their densely planted tank. Might keep an eye out for some of those. 

I just started looking into it a couple days ago, but it's sounds like they're pretty easy to breed, and without getting overrun by too many fry. Might be fun.

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I Black neons might contrast well with the  gourami and are a classic in a planed tank. I imagine you’re looking for movement and interest without the new fish stealing the show. 

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