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Anoxic filters


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Hi all


just wondering about your take on denitrification and the deep bed / biohome media / pellum creation - all involving the process of denitrification through a “complete nitrogen cycle” much conflicting info online from Jays aquarium / mankysanke / Dr Kevin Novak on one side and a number of forums and aquarium science.org lined up on the other - it seems fascinating but too good to be true - is it a busted myth - thoughts please 

thank you kindly 

stay safe


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Hi dark Angel, 

I have done a bit of research for my tanks and ponds with this filtration, once it is set up I find it very effective, it’s easy to say , but I did post my experiences and results on here somewhere lol. 
My most successful tub is a bristlenose nose grow out that I have a bcb basket in for a couple of months now. 

These guys just eat and poop and I feed quite heavily , probably about 20-30 juveniles in a 100litre tub, and I syy tryill

cant believe everytime I go to test the nitrates for a water change, it Rarely goes over 10 ppm 🤷🏼‍♀️ 
All I can say if if you are interested, give it a go, pretty easy to set up it is just the cycling in time frame that is can be time consuming but it always is  if you are doing it from scratch, but even with your basic cycle takes a few weeks unless you issues cycled media. Same goes with this anoxic filtration, but once you have it you can also use that to pre cycle future tanks. 
R Budds has a write up on his experience as well and a few in his post if you are interested 😉

good luck

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I am doing testing on my 75 gallon aquarium now with an under gravel filter with landscaping cloth over that followed by a sand substrate. I also have basket to one side of kitty litter in a mesh bag in my Fluval filter. Oil dry from TSC seemed to work best for me. I am skeptical but like to experiment. I also have a layer above the cloth of oil dry with the sand over that. Getting ready to slow down the flow of the under gravel filter on May 1st. I wanted to make sure nitrifying bacteria was present first. I started this setup end of Feb.

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