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Would a background help?

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I have a 5 gallon pea puffer tank. Its clear on 2 sides. Sometimes he gets spooked by shadows. I try to be carful. I tried one day to put a sheet of black paper on the back side and he freaked out. Wondering when the lights are off if I should try to put something on the back side of the tank. Would it help with the shadows? He does not do it all the time..but I don't want it to happen at ALL. He is active at night watching TV but sometimes he can get a bit spooked when I walk buy. 

I ordered some Java Fern to help fill in the back more (it should arrive tomorrow). 

Recommendations. See a older pic below 


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A Background should definitely help. Sometimes it is not you actually walking by it is the shadow that you cast behind the tank that scares them. I typically would put a background in and sometimes even blocks on the sides as well to reduce shadows completely if possible!

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Like the other replies, shadows are probably whats spooking your puffer. In nature, big shadows almost always means predator, so when a shadow suddenly looms close by, it activates a fight or flight reaction. Unless you are at the top of the food chain or incredibly huge, it's usually flight... there's a few exceptions, like the shrew, they'll throw down at the drop of a hat (personal experience)!

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